When the idea of R34P was conceived, we knew after the initial launch phase that we would need a way to reward liquidity providers in a more sustainable manner, as a true defi project must incentivize the decentralization of thier liquidity pool. Now with GR1M to incentive stakeholders and active participants in the network, we finally will be able to merge the three hottest future trends in crypto: DeFi, NFTs, and DBP governance protocols.


As we did with R34P, this companion project is a surprise launch. We did this to prevent the early price manipulation of Uniswap bots as well as bad acting whales who seek to buy in early and dump on the rest of us.

We are truly breaking ground with our introduction of “intelligent NFTs” and I am so excited to share this innovation with you!

GR1M is a deflationary token starting with a initial supply of 100,000 tokens. It has a soft cap total supply, but due to it’s high deflation rate and the fact that it’s constantly locking up tokens, it’s designed to remove tokens from circulating supply at a rate which is equal to or out paces the emissions over time. The reason why I chose a soft cap was to avoid a situation where the farm would no longer be functional after the hard cap has been reached. I lowered the initial supply, and tweaked the burn rates, lock up and emissions to ensure over time it remains a deflationary token that will be able to continue to sustainably reward farmers forever.

Token transfers and burn

Every buy, sell, stake, unstake and transfer incurs a 6% token burn.

The allocation of the burn is dispersed as follows:

2% to liquidity; locked forever (helps create ever-increasing price floor, can be changed later by DBP)
2% to 0x0 burn address (can be changed later by DBP)
2% to marketing/development fund (can be changed later by DBP)

Dynamic Burn Protocol (DBP)

One of the main reasons for GR1Ms Farm is to help develop and support our base token R34P. In doing this, we created several layers to our DBP that rewards those who invest and believe in the R34P.

HODLing 100 R34P in your wallet reduces the token burn by 0.5%
Owning an Intelligent NFT can further reduce your burn 0.5%-2%.
(only one NFT counts, and is based on the last one purchased)

The rarity of the NFT will determine the rate reduction of burn; the rarer the NFT, the higher the rate reduction.

If you plan on buying, selling, staking, unstaking, harvesting, and swinging, you can easily see how much you’ll save by taking full advantage of the DBP.

Dynamic Farming

Farms open 12 hours after listing

Yield allocations:

R34P-ETH — 60%
GR1M-ETH — 20%
GR1M-R34P- 20%

**Early LP providers (those who stake before farms open) get an extra 10% reward that will last for 4 weeks**

More ways to increase your farm yield:

HODL 100 R34P increases reward 3%
HODL 500 GR1M increases reward 3%
Holding Intelligent NFTs increases reward 1–5% (depending on rarity)

You must hold the same NFT (or a better one) that you had at time of deposit when you choose to harvest. The lesser reward amount is always recognized between deposit and withdrawal time.

HODL your NFT and R34P and GR1M for more GR1M!!!

With such great rewards must also come certain safeguards to protect the integrity of the magnanimous farming system and all loyal R34Pers.

Early LP withdrawals in the first 4 weeks will incur penalties as follows:


All penalty portions of your farm rewards are burned.

  • *NOTE: Depositing more LP will restart the clock and automatically withdraw current rewards subjected to the penalty rate if within the allotted time schedule above.
















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